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heat damaging sperm

Stay cool for fertility!

Is heat damaging your sperm? In humans, sperm production is temperature dependent with normal testicular function requiring a temperature of 2–4°C below the general body temperature. The testicles’ ability to hang lower when too warm and retreat when too cold regulates the scrotal temperature. The tissue surrounding the testicles (blood network, fat, skin) also regulates the …

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Oxidative Stress – A Significant Factor of Male Infertility

The field of oxidative stress research, as a significant factor of male infertility, is relatively new. However, it has grown rapidly over the past years. It focuses on the balance between oxidants and antioxidants. And as a result, how they affect tissues in living organisms [1] . Essentially, Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the …

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Vaping and male fertility

Cigarette smoke is one of the most well-known toxins negatively affecting human health. Recurrent use has been associated not only with many medical conditions, such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, but also with impaired fertility in men. Essentially it affects all functions related to reproduction including semen volume, sperm motility (movement), sperm morphology (shape), sperm …

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