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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my results kept safe and my details private?

Yes, we pride ourselves in keeping your data safe, When you register we will make an account and keep this personal info separate from any data collected to reduce the likelihood that you can be identified. All results are 100% private and only available and accessible try the user.

How is ExSeed Health different from other home sperm tests?

ExSeed is the only smartphone-based sperm test that automatically analyses your sperm quality and counts, shows you a live video of your sperm, offers 24/7 access to industry professional fertility coaches and gives you a structured manageable lifestyle program to improve your sperm for the next test in 90 days.

Why does the ExSeed kit include 5 sperm tests?

Since sperm quality can vary naturally, we recommend you to test twice – about one week apart – to establish the baseline. Use the remaining 3 tests to track your sperm quality improvements over time, spaced one month apart.

Where can I purchase a test?

The ExSeed Health test is currently available for shipping in Denmark, Norway, UK, and a number of other European markets. If you would like to inquire about when we will launch officially in your country, please contact

How long does it take to take the test?

Once your sample has been inserted into the ExSeed Health Device the analysis and results will be available on your phone within minutes.

How accurate are my results?

ExSeed Health partners with some of the most prominent fertility labs in Denmark. These labs perform regular quality assurance testing and are the same labs’ many physicians use to perform their testing. If you want to find out more about their validation processes, please email us at

What parameters are measured?

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What can I do to improve my condition

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Can i get live assistance with the testing?

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How can i capture a good looking video of my sperm?

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Can one of your experts assess my results?

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