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We built ExSeed to raise awareness around male infertility. Our expert solution uses the latest technological advances with health and lifestyle guidance.

1 in 6 couples will struggle with getting pregnant. 40% of those couples will be down to the guy. 

We can achieve higher chances of pregnancy by testing semen quality. It’s also a strong biomarker of overall health.

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Amazing device, newest technology and excellent service

I bought the device recently – amazing technology. The device is easy to use together with your smart phone and if need be some good stepwise instructions and video clips. I have only used their online services once and the (fast) response was very useful. I can recommend the device and the company (Exseed Health) behind. Torben

Anders Bengtson

During the corona

During the corona, my partner and I were advised that I took a fertility test at home before deciding on what to do in regards to our fertility. The ordering of the test was smooth, and I received a result with a video attached that I could show to my GP. The GP had a look at the test and could confirm the test result, that I have plenty of swimmers!

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At home test – discreet and private

No need to send away samples

Personalized lifestyle plan to meet your goals

Certified Medical Device

Great deal

Traditional health clinic tests

Send away samples

Long wait times

No customised plan for improvement

Awkward doctors appointments

More expensive

Backed by science

Testing 3 main areas

Sperm concentration is a measurement of how many sperm cells there are in each milliliter of semen. A normal concentration is above 15 million sperm cells per milliliter. Being below 15 million sperm cells per milliliter is referred to as oligospermia, and it is called azoospermia if there are no sperm cells at all.

Semen volume is the total quantity of fluid ejaculated. A normal volume is more than 1.5ml, and below is called Hypospermia and can, for example, be caused by hormonal abnormalities or ductal blockage

Sperm motility is the motion of sperm cells. For a sperm to fertilize the egg, it must travel quickly through the female reproductive system, which requires strong forward swimming motion. Our algorithm tracks forward motility, which is also referred to as progressive motility. Normal motility is above 32% of the sperm cells moving, below that is called asthenozoospermia.

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