ExSeed Bootcamp

ExSeed Bootcamp



Product Description:

ExSeed Bootcamp is a digital intervention program. It is designed to promote positive lifestyle and behavior changes for you with the purpose of improving your sperm quality. The program is based on the latest scientific evidence. This mean that it is a program you can do from your home and at the same time get motivational facts and advise from our fertility specialists. 

The purpose with the program is to:

  • Adopt a sustainable nutrition plan 
  • Eliminate bad habits 
  • Exercise for better fertility 
  • Choose the right supplements 
  • Make healthier choices 
  • Improve your wellbeing for life   

Weekly you will receive the right knowledge, in the right dose and the right form to be able to make these changes – we will support you all the way. 

In the bootcamp you will also get all our fertility material including ExSeed Fertility Guide and ExSeed Cookbook. We will give you your personalized plan based on your questionnaire. You will be guided through the full process by email and with small videos and audios 

Get access to our detailed 90 day online bootcamp by signing up and fill in the detailed questionnaire then we are able to create your personalized program.  


  1. Weekly email recommendation what to focus on now  
  2. The ExSeed Cook Book with healthy recipes 
  3. Lifestyle assessment report 
  4. Detailed 90 day lifestyle program 
2 Year Warranty

2 Years Warranty

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