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Fertility Multivitamin

Fertility Multivitamin

Product Overview:

FertilAid is designed to improve sperm count, motility, and morphology. Contains key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help enhance overall reproductive health. Formulated by fertility specialists, FertilAid for Men has been clinically shown to improve the total number of motile sperm.

Amount per serving:                                          

Vitamin C 83mg
Magnesium 40mg
Vitamin E 33mg
Zink 10mg
Niacin 6.5mg
CoQ10 5mg
Pantothensyre 3.3mg
Vitamin A 1000mcg
Vitamin B6 0.6mg
Kobber 0.6mg
Mangan 0.6mg
Riboflavin 0.5mg
Thiamine 0.5mg
Folat 166mcg
Jod 50mcg
Chrom 40mcg
Selen 33mcg
Vitamin K 26mcg
Vitamin B12 8mcg
Vitamin D3 3.3mg

Also Contains:

L-Carnitintartrat 550mg
Maca 120mg
Drue frø ekstrakt 100mg
Panax Ginseng 100mg

Directions for use:

Recommended for adults 18 years +.

Take 1 capsule a day with food.


The natural therapies carry a risk of contraindications when combined with various medical treatments and conditions.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

If you suspect an overdose, take medical advice.

Do not use if the outer seal is broken or damaged at the time of purchase.

Keep out of reach of children


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