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A male fertility test
that uses your
smartphone, at home

(Awkwardness not included.)

ExSeed uses technology you can trust to tell you your sperm volume, motility and concentration — all on your smartphone.

It’s probably the most important score you’ll ever see on that screen.

Why choose ExSeed?

At home test – discreet and private

No need to send away samples

Personalized lifestyle plan to meet your goals

Certified Medical Device

Great deal


Send away samples

Long wait times

No customised plan for improvement

Awkward doctors appointments

More expensive


The ingenious ExSeed device takes advantage of tech you already have to keep costs low, turning your smartphone into a microscope.

The little guys are shown right there on your screen. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

We also include five tests, so you can measure any change in your fertility status. If you need more, no problem —refill kits are available to make use of the same ExSeed device.

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Highly recommend...

Purchased this after struggling to get the support and help I felt I needed from my regular doctor. Was surprised by how easy, convenient and personalised the whole experience has been so far! I feel like I’ve been put back in the driving seat with informative and practical tips for enhancing my sperm quality! Great support in that someone is there to help and answer questions when needed too!

Brilliant technology

Brilliant technology, as it gives you numbers (concentration, absolute amount and motility). Information other home test kits do not give you. So I am able to check if lifestyle changes do improve my test results (which they do), So I am very happy to have found Exseed.
Ruben Wester

During the corona

During the corona, my partner and I were advised that I took a fertility test at home before deciding on what to do in regards to our fertility. The ordering of the test was smooth, and I received a result with a video attached that I could show to my GP. The GP had a look at the test and could confirm the test result, that I have plenty of swimmers!
Anders Bengtson

We reinvented sperm
testing. Better technology
means more results

Your fertility health deserves more than a vague ‘yes/no/maybe’. It’s why our tests give you all the information about your sperm count that you’d get from a visit to a fertility specialist.

You’ll find out your concentration, motility and overall count. But we also understand that you’re possibly not a specialist, so we analyse your results and explain what it means for your fertility —in plain english. We’ll also let you know where you go from there.

Every part of the ExSeed test is to make life easier for you.

We're going to help you get the best fertility score we can.

The test is just one part of the process. With a little lifestyle and health guidance, incredible results are possible.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn for advice
about male fertility. So we’ve made it as easy as possible to get in touch.

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