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Dr. Fatin Willendrup

Dr. Fatin Willendrup is a Medical Doctor with key skills in communication of medicine and problem-solving. Fatin's passion is preventive work within fertility and helping people to live healthier lives. Fatin has two children that were conceived through artificial reproductive techniques and a third one on the way via natural conception.


Oxidative Stress – A Significant Factor of Male Infertility

The field of oxidative stress research, as a significant factor of male infertility, is relatively new. However, it has grown rapidly over the past years. It focuses on the balance between oxidants and antioxidants. And as a result, how they affect tissues in living organisms [1] . Essentially, Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the …

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The ExSeed Lifestyle Program

Healthcare providers are familiar with the most well-known causes of infertility, such as varicoceles, tumors and other medical conditions. Recently, reproductive biology experts have established that lifestyle and environment have an important impact on a man’s ability to reproduce high quality sperms. Scientific evidence shows that better semen quality can be associated to a healthier …

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